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Sheila Ciminera, LCSW
“To bear witness” is to listen, observe, and validate painful and/or traumatic experiences of others.  It is compassionately sitting with another's suffering.  My goal is to bear witness to you, and help you focus on yourself and your needs. 

I aim to help you . . . .

  • take control of your life and the ways you cope

  • find meaning and motivation

  • move away from emotional extremes and discover a balanced middle way

  • learn to ground yourself, so you can truly experience life as it is happening

I am highly experienced in working with issues of compassion fatigue; substance use or other "addictive" behaviors; bipolar, depressive, and anxiety disorders; trauma and PTSD; reintegration after incarceration; oppression; and existential challenges. I incorporate trauma informed care, harm reduction, mindfulness, and social justice into all of my work. My practice is rooted in anti-oppression and anti-racism. Some people find it beneficial to process their own traumatic experiences or difficult past events; if you choose to do so in therapy, it will be at your own pace and comfort level.  Most of all, I will acknowledge you as a unique person; therapy is going to look different for everyone, and our work will be tailored to your needs and goals.


On a personal and clinical level, I understand how hard each day can be for people dealing with trauma, depression, addictions, anxiety, and more. But I also believe those hard days can get better, and life can have a new sense of meaning and purpose.  Contact me to schedule an appointment or ask any questions you may have. 

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